Elite Lodgit Limited is an agile and professional firm specialized in Operational Risk Management Services. Elite Lodgit is your trusted partner in Operational Risk Management in Kenya, East Africa and globally, specialized in delivering enterprise-level support worthy of a Fortune 500 company. Elite Lodgit has pioneered operational risk management services in Nairobi for 10 years, consistently delivering business value with the latest advice.


Our continued success is driven by desire to make sure that your business enjoys
Return on Investment (ROI) and Revenue Retention (RR).

Risk-based Outsourced Labour

Our end-to-end, risk-conscious solutions are aimed at optimizing workforce strength, agility and performance.

Corporate Forensics Audit & Investigations

We have corporate forensics experts who can examine and manage losses incurred in your business.

Inventory Management

We provide efficient tracking of inventory from manufacturers to warehouses and ultimately to points of sale.

Retail Outlet Loss Prevention

Our model for outlet loss control or any point of sale are designed to prevent loss without hampering efficient service.

Ethics & Anti-Corruption Compliance Services

At Elite Lodgit Limited we understand the critical significance of upholding ethical standards and complying with anti-corruption laws in today’s complex global business landscape. Our Ethics, Bribery, and Anti-Corruption Compliance Services are designed to assist organizations in mitigating risks associated with unethical practices, bribery, and corruption, thereby safeguarding their reputation, integrity, and financial stability.


East Africa’s Leading Operational Risk Management Experts

The modern business environment compels corporates to operate under minimum or controlled risks if they are to succeed. Whatever the size, nature or location of business, every enterprise will face a broad range of risks. Effective assessment and management of these risks will reduce volatility and boost profitability and value.

Our services are designed to improve your risk controls and reduce your exposure to losses.

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